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Summertime Living

Summer is here. That means we are enjoying easy days and sunshine.  According to Katelynn, we’ve done “nothing fun and Summer’s almost over”. Well, it’s not almost over and we’ve had tons of fun.  We VBS-ed our little… Read More

Farming ain’t easy

 It’s springtime here on the farm.  It’s also springtime at your house, so I guess that’s not a real surprise. However, we’ve got all the farm stuff happening so I thought I would share some pictures.      I… Read More

Floor Ham and Easter Eggs

Lent is over. I didn’t stick with it. I didn’t finish my photo of the day with Rethink Church. I didn’t get all of the 40 days with Jesus written down. I skipped pages in my Lent book… Read More


Covenant: an agreement.¬† ¬†Handsome and I entered into a covenant on June 2, 2001. About 15 years ago I was beginning to stress about all the details for that day. We had only been engaged for 2 weeks… Read More


Day 2 of my February photo challenge is friendship. This one is hard. Whether new or old, love is such a big part of friendship for me.  I love my friends from Ennis, from ETBU, from UMHB (the… Read More

February Letter to my children

Each month I participate in a blog circle with other moms. We write letters to our children to document  the quickly passing days. Many in our circle are photographers so you can read their words and see the… Read More

Barefoot and Broken

We live in a broken world.    Sometimes I forget that. I get all caught up in the mundane irritations and find myself completely blindsided by this fact. And there is nothing I can do about it…is there?… Read More

Pens and busted bubbles

I love calendars. And pens. And all office supplies.  A new pen can brighten my day and give me new perspective. I collect them worse than shoes. I feel like a new pen can help me conquer the… Read More

December Letter to my Children

This is my December letter to M and K. See the link below to follow the Letters to Our Children blog circle this month.     Dear Michael, I am so proud of you. You continue to grow and… Read More

Road Trip Reading

My favorite part about Facebook is the daily memory post.  Today my memory was a random blog post I wrote a couple of years ago that made me laugh.  And since we are road trippin’ I have a… Read More