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Anxiety and Chickens

  “At the farm” is still so unnatural. Even though this is really a partial farm, it still feels all farm-y and weird and out of my element. Once we are collecting eggs and collecting fruit from the orchard… Read More

Thankful today, Maybe not tomorrow 

Somehow the days keep rushing past. Most of the time I feel like I’m managing emotions of the people that live with me. And bowing to their urgings and requests.  It’s exhausting. And it numbs me to real… Read More

Talking to Chickens

Have you ever had a week that just needed to be over because you are so over it? A week where you feel the burden of your family heavy on your shoulders. A week where you feel the… Read More

Life is hard…but God

We gave a family a ride home from church. I couldn’t believe they had walked so far to get there. I can’t believe they walk so far to get anywhere. I have seen this family at the liquor… Read More

Absolutely Impatient

Patience has eluded me my entire life.  I am a type A, overachieving, perfectionist. People mess me up all the time. Making a mistake is unacceptable. (And embarrassing).  I am impatient when people are not acting like adults… Read More

The Chickens are here

The girls are almost two weeks old. I’m not sure that equates a “saga” but there is no end in sight…we are in this for the long haul. The girls are the chickens. I think they are all… Read More

The family the rocks together….

I decided to step away from the #write31days blog challenge. It’s for people that are experts on things. It’s for writers that write to share words and to make a living. It’s for people who have thousands of… Read More

Today’s Matters

I miss teaching. I miss talking. I miss discussions with the Holla Mommas on all things that make up our today. I miss hugging my soul sister and sharing how very real God is today.  An unexpected byproduct… Read More

Booger the Snake

Snakes scare me. They freak me out. I don’t like them at all….ever… Handsome had a snake when we met. (Get your head out of the gutter). It was a 8 ft red tail boa. It was big…. Read More

Story Telling

When my dad was in his late teens,  he was driving along the railroad tracks picking up cross ties.  When he got to a place that was a little too muddy, he decided to drive up on the… Read More