Back to Real

I escaped this weekend for 17 hours.

I spent the evening with someone who loves me for me and she knows me better that almost anyone. She still let me talk and stayed up too late being my friend.

I spent the morning reading with this view. I came home okay with me. Okay with this season I find myself in.

Then I was exposed to people and all the insecurities jumped to the front of the line and I was left with the same defeat I have felt too often.

I’m certain there’s something broken in my way of thinking and analyzing right now. I’m certain it’s not as awful as it feels and you would find my hurts laughable.

I’m also certain I’m not alone. I know that our social media saturated world keeps us from being real and identifying real hurt and loneliness.

The seasons of life we gets caught up in are too often difficult and isolating. But we are all experiencing similar seasons. If we stopped and looked, we could throw out a “me too” more often than not.

We aren’t looking for help or advice on how to move through it, we just want a “me too”.

So I’m starting a series of posts about all the funk I’m fighting because I’m not shaking it as easily as I usually do.

My personality is bent toward the ho-Hums and narrow minded loneliness. I know that’s how I work and that it’s cyclical and that the loss of Summer should take some blame.

This series isn’t about you helping me. Or calling me out in a message about “all I have to be thankful for”… if that’s your response, these words aren’t for your heart.

These words are for you, friend. As you stare at your hand or at your screen and scroll through the beautiful pictures of everyone else having fun and friends….thinking you never get invited or never have good things to post…. these are your words.

This is my “me too” to you.

We are gonna work through this together. Coming out of the other side of this season ready and equipped for the next one. I don’t know what it’s gonna look like, but you should join me if only so I get a “me too”.

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