So Over Thursday

As we leapt over the hump of Wednesday and kicked those clowns in the shins, we found ourselves falling to the ground of Thursday.

Thursday means we have eaten things in the car or at a concession stand and that we are all sweaty and tired. We cram homework after showers over paper plates of left overs. 

On Thursdays he footballs. We watch. Seems like it’s hotter on Thursdays than any other day of the week. 

So today I’m hot and tired and had a parenting implosion mid-afternoon. To say it was an under-whelming day, is an overstatement. 

“H-anger” gets us every time. Lately, sister has been exponentially hangry about 7 days out of the week. 

It’s like a switch. One minute we are fine and funny and lovely. Next minute, mad and pissy and agitated. Blink and we (she) may be weepy. 

Today, her punishment was no concession stand food. And she sobbed! (We may have a problem….)

Remember the clown madness yesterday? 

Today our emotional roller coaster had a brief layover in crazy town.  

I don’t have it in me to be poetic about this madness. I only have enough energy to share with you. 

If your Thursday was a little under-whelming, you can dry your tears and pat your back. You are in good company. 

Let’s all rest well tonight. Start fresh in the morning. 

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