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Fame Brushing

About 20 years ago, I met Dionne Sanders. I feel like I spelled his name wrong but I left it to hammer in the point that I’m not sure who he was or why he was famous. My… Read More

Surrounded by People

I spent the weekend with 18,000 women. It was a good weekend of girl time. It was a good weekend to be with the girls that understand me and still like me anyway. It was a good weekend… Read More

17 minutes passed 

day 2 of the #write31challenge and I’m 17 minutes late. But I have a good reason.     I’m with my Holla Mommas. My besties. My tribe.  So I’ll be good about blogging and writing once my soul is… Read More

31 Things to Say?

It’s October… I’m working on a new blog and decided to take the 31 day writing challenge. The blog is not quite finished but I’ve been working on it for over a month and decided it’s time to just… Read More

We are Here

We are Here. Dearest Michael and Katelynn, School is in full swing. We have found our rhythm and it is so good. We know when to wake, when to eat, when to hurry it up, and when to… Read More

Why Love?

Learning to love should be so simple. It should come naturally, like breathing. Something I don’t have to sit and think about doing. But honestly, that’s not how it works at all.   In our new community, I… Read More