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Eight years of blogging

When they were 4 and 2 I started blogging.   It was an outlet for me. It because a place to document how our family has changed and grown and collapsed and survived. I enjoy looking back and… Read More

Adult Fail

Adulting is hard. Being cool is really hard.   Nine days out of the week I don’t want to be a grown up. That’s right, 9 of the days. Because that’s how many times during the week that… Read More

Soul Mates

Handsome is my very best friend. I started the day reading a blog post at titled “10 Reasons you don’t need a boyfriend or Girlfriend in High School”. You can read it here. I agree with every… Read More

Fame Brushing

About 20 years ago, I met Dionne Sanders. I feel like I spelled his name wrong but I left it to hammer in the point that I’m not sure who he was or why he was famous. My… Read More