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Learning from Broken Eggs

A day’s work. Ruined. ┬áBecause I was distracted and had too many things rushing through my head. You don’t have to be a chicken princess to appreciate this frustrating (and depressing) sight. I would compare it to the… Read More

Self-working it out

I feel like I’m constantly in motion. It would be nice to totally blame this on the children but it would also be false. I’m an over-committer. When you compound that character trait with people-pleasing and comparison, you… Read More

Fixing It

I am reading 40 Days of Decrease again for lent. As a Baptist girl, this practice is new and a little shaky for me even after years of attempts. I didn’t give up any food or Facebook. Instead… Read More

Letters to my Children: February 2017

Each month I have the honor to link up with incredible moms that also write letters to their children. Click here to read my good friend Michelle’s letter after you finish reading mine. Hope around the circle until you… Read More

Just one word…SPACE

New year…new me? Probably not. I don’t stick with stuff. I try and buy the best planner to help me stay on top of it all but will find myself beneath it all in a month or so. … Read More

Letters to my children: Beginning 2017

Each month I join other moms in a blog circle and we write letters to our children. Some letters are sweet and memorable. Other (mine) are words written to document the trenches of motherhood. After you read my… Read More

Losing Jolie

Our dog Jolie died today. We are all very sad. We found a nice spot for her just beyond the yard under a huge pecan tree. The kids made a cross to mark her spot.  We stood by… Read More

Letters to my Children: Tweens to Teens

Each month I have the honor of joining a mom or two in a blog circle. Click here to hop over to Holli’s post this month.  Dear children, What a difference a month makes! I thought the exponential growing was… Read More

Throw your feelings in the air…like you just don’t care

I woke up this morning unaware of last night’s outcome. I didn’t stay up late because I still have a full day today and being tired would be more harmful to my Wednesday than whatever the news reported… Read More

Letters to my children: Now it’s November

Each month I participate in a blog circle with some incredible moms. Click Here to ready Holli’s letter and see her fantastic pics. (Well, after you read my sarcastic words to my kids then click on that link. Her loving… Read More