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Faith and Nihilism

I met a nihilist today. Well, word press knows what that word is but I have never heard that word before my life. It was fascinating to me to hear about something different than atheism. My brain cannot… Read More

Celebrating The Mother-Hood

Welcome to the New Year. So what if I’m a week late, that’s how long it took to find the “word” for the year and find the right words to kick off the new year. Last year, my… Read More

Back to Real

I escaped this weekend for 17 hours. I spent the evening with someone who loves me for me and she knows me better that almost anyone. She still let me talk and stayed up too late being my… Read More

A Love Letter to Hormones

These sweet babies are heading back to school on Monday. They will be in the same school again. I am so excited about this next step and our official entrance into “Middle” years. As much fun as they… Read More

For the love of Baseball

I love baseball. I love playing (softball) and watching and hearing and cheering. My love for the game started early in life. Growing up we lived about an hour from Rangers stadium and went to several games. My… Read More

Friends in all places

Today my dear friend turns 39. She is brilliant and creative and has experienced life very differently than I have. Twenty-eight months ago, 40 months from her 40th birthday, she began planning for something amazing. She set aside… Read More

Letter to my children: Tween to Teen

Each month I'm supposed to write a letter to my kids and share for a blog circle… Let's not talk about all the recent months I have skipped and focus on this one. When you get finished ready… Read More

Countdown to the big 4-0!

In 13 days I will be 40. I wanted this year to be extravagant. Or at least not the same as always. I purposefully opened my eyes to my failures and what makes me tick. I’m lazy and… Read More

I’m ruining my kids’ summer on purposeĀ 

During the school year: They are making memories that doesn’t include me. Experiencing joys and hurts that don’t involve me. They don’t want my help but sometimes need it desperately.  First day of summer: They are bored. And… Read More

April Letter to my Children

Happy April! Each month I get to write a letter to my kids and link up with some other moms. This month I get to link to my beautiful and talented friend Michelle. Click Here after you ready my letter… Read More