Our adventures in parenting (and failing) and adulting (and failing) were documented in two other places before our move to the farm. You can catch up and be entertained for hours by clicking below.


The Lewis Family was started to document my kids as they grew beginning in 2009. We love hard and laugh hard. We struggled through having littles to losing my dad too early. It is a progression of my peace and pain and is one of my favorite places to sit and reminisce.


Joyfully Full of It was my attempt to find a different platform that didn’t have to include my kids. It is a space where I can just be a grown up and be okay with not documenting how “precious” my children are. There is freedom and joy for me when I get to talk to grown ups.

There are other blogs that I  started to have an anonymous outlet when my dad was very sick and dying. It was a good place for me to let it all out without worrying that I would hurt or offend. It is not a pretty place to visit. But I’m thankful that the words are there….somewhere.