Booger the Snake

Snakes scare me. They freak me out. I don’t like them at all….ever…

Handsome had a snake when we met. (Get your head out of the gutter). It was a 8 ft red tail boa. It was big. And a snake. (I have an irrational fear of snakes….thank you toot-toot tommy.) 

It was a part of who Handsome was so I went with it. It freaked me out…. So that I felt safe and not scared, I named the snake Booger. I ask handsome what the snake’s name was when I first met her and handsome’s response was…”Why would I name it? It’s not like it will come when I call it.” So snake was named Booger because boogers aren’t scary. 

Tonight at the farm we killed a snake. A deathly killer snake. (I made that up but I just totally hate them.)

It was a big snake. I had the toot-toot reaction that consists of irrational fear and shivering. It was the biggest snake I’ve seen today. (Also the only one. But that’s not the point).

Brother said…”at least it want as big as booger”…

It’s been 12 years since we shared our home with booger the gigantic snake. She moved out when we moved to our first house. Along with the piranhas… We had a whole exotic super scary pet vibe for a while. I told you we were street! (Ha ha ha). I’ll tell you the piranha story too one day. 

Handsome looked at brother with an inquisitive look at the booger comment.

H: Booger wasn’t it’s name. 

B: What? I thought it’s name was booger. 

Me: ha ha ha. I called it booger because boogers aren’t scary. 

H:It didn’t have a name because it didn’t come when I called it. 

Totally right….boogers aren’t scary. 

That’s my wisdom for the day. 

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