Story Telling

When my dad was in his late teens,  he was driving along the railroad tracks picking up cross ties. 

When he got to a place that was a little too muddy, he decided to drive up on the tracks and ended up getting his truck stuck on the tracks. So he got out and walked over to the house across the pasture to call a tow truck. Just as the tow truck company answered the phone, he heard the toot of a train horn coming down the tracks. He said “Never Mind”, hung up and went outside just in time to see the engine ram into his pickup. Dad started running along with the gentleman that let him use the phone. 

About half way across the pasture, daddy turned to the farmer and asked why they were running. 

The farmer said, “there might be someone in that pickup”. 

Dad said, “There wasn’t anyone in it when I left.”

My dad was a story teller. He could make up some crazy stuff. He could get himself involved in some shenanigans. He was a giant of a man and my hero. 

Monday will be the 4th time it has been October 12th without my dad. I don’t want to talk about it on Monday so I thought I’d share one of his stories today. 

This is day 7 of my #write31days blogging challenge. Today was hard. Tomorrow needs to be funny….

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One Comment on “Story Telling

  1. I will never forget that day , loved your dad , thank of him often.

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