Celebrating The Mother-Hood

Welcome to the New Year. So what if I’m a week late, that’s how long it took to find the “word” for the year and find the right words to kick off the new year.

Last year, my word was SPACE. You can read last year’s post here. Space became a very real concept for me. I spent time clearing out some space in my head and in my life. It morphed into more that I would have guessed.

The space became sacred. I spent the year saying no and walking away. I spent the year investing in people that fed my soul and healed my hurting heart. The space felt pretty empty many times. It sometimes felt lonely in a room full of people.

Because of the space and the big changes that felt necessary, I had to let some dust settle and the feelings to figure out what they were…. feeling. I stopped talking because I was not in a good space for sharing. I hid a little and invested in me time. On the other side of it, I feel a little numb and vulnerable. But the vulnerability found community.

Let’s talk about community. I think this will be my word for 2018. Maybe… I’m still not quite sure. The concept of community can be daunting for introverts. Even the high-functioning ones. But community is so important. Big or small. I need others around me to bounce off ideas and hear a “me too” when my kids are driving me crazy.

Community… or maybe a Mother-Hood!

We are going to celebrate here. Together.

We will talk about faith, deconstruction of faith, and figure out what’s on the other side of it. We will talk about community and how it is different for every one. We will talk about hard stuff because sometimes the talking can heal hurting. We will spotlight some of my tribe and some of my community mothers.

Basically, we will talk. Or I’ll type and you’ll reply and share. We are in this together.

Talk to you soon!

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