Surrounded by People

I spent the weekend with 18,000 women. It was a good weekend of girl time. It was a good weekend to be with the girls that understand me and still like me anyway. It was a good weekend to be surrounded by thousands of women and not feel alone. 

Since we made the big move, alone has been there just under the surface. A little alone is good my my soul. Tiffany-time gives me the desire to be nice to the people I live with. But too much alone time gives Crazy the green light for her judging and snipping. She’s remained silent for much of the move but as the dust settles she’s in the shadows waiting to strike. 

(Crazy is the mean chick in my head. She is always up to something. Read more here.)

There were so many women in one place.


 My Holla Mommas were with me.   

Ladies from my old church were there.   

My first college room mate was there (and on the big screen).   
My First “adult” BFF was there.   

I even made new friends.   

And just had a fantastic weekend. 

All while surround by people. New friend, old friends, church friends, childhood friends, groupie friends and best friends. 

Even though I missed a day of my writing challenge, it was worth it to fill up with for time and good food. (Let’s not mention missed day 3 again….deal?) 

I’m saving my brush with fame for day 5!

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