Letter to my children: Tween to Teen

Each month I'm supposed to write a letter to my kids and share for a blog circle… Let's not talk about all the recent months I have skipped and focus on this one. When you get finished ready (and enjoying) my post, click the link to hop over to Angela's blog. Follow the circle until you get back here. 

Michael and Katelynn,

First of all, I love you fiercely. This summer has felt full (even if you swear we haven't done "anything fun" and were expecting an "extravagant" summer.) Whatev's! We have been around Texas and in a couple of states. We swam and played and made so much slime. We partied for the birthdays and spent extra time with our cousins. We have had fun. I think we have had fun. You seem to be smiling in a lot of pictures even if you claim that there has been no fun this summer… I'm sorry if you hate that I work…. me too. Except that I don't. I like working and feeling like a grown up. I like the independence that I feel when I go to work and produce. Don't get me wrong, I would love to stay home, but we all know that I would be grouchy and you would be ready for school to start. (Here's proof from the last time we were home together too much…)

Beautiful Katelynn, pre-teen sure does look good on you.

Gone are the days of Elementary school. I can not wait to watch you bloom when you start middle school. And even though you want to be so grown, I have to remind myself that you are only 11 and not quite a teenager. It's not fair for me to hold you to the same standards that I have set for Michael. Thank you for handling this summer gracefully and emotionally. Getting you a phone at the beginning of the summer was such a good idea. You are creative with your phone and communicate so much with it! (Some would say too much…)  Thank you for being my girl and for always having my back. Thank you for knowing just when I need a hug and a reminder that boys can be dumb sometimes. We have one more month of school…I'll work on making it extravagant!  - Love you too the moon and back!

(She sings and dance in the rain. He practices driving my car in the driveway.)


My dearest Michael…. 13? What in the world? 

How did this happen? I can not believe that you are 13 and going into the 8th grade. It floors me. This has been quite a summer for you. Besides fully embracing teenage-hood by staying up late, being a little hyper, and sleeping until noon, we have traveled! I will always be thankful to you for going to New York with me. I will forever remember what we experienced on the trip. These are memories for me that I will cling to!

Being a teenager is going to be a snap for you. You're smart, kind, funny, appropriately inappropriate, and handsome (even with the Jew Fro). Since we have the first year of school sports behind us and I know what to expect, I'm really excited to watch you and your friends play this year. I'm really excited to see how much cooler you get between now and next summer.

Here's just a couple of things I want to tell you… Answer your phone when I call. I need an appropriate text response to a question…"K" doesn't cut it when I gave you an either/or question.

Thank you for loving me so well. Thank you for picking and laughing. Thank you for being pretty cool and for the minimal eye-rolling. -I love you more…

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