I’m ruining my kids’ summer on purpose 

During the school year: They are making memories that doesn’t include me. Experiencing joys and hurts that don’t involve me. They don’t want my help but sometimes need it desperately. 

First day of summer: They are bored. And can’t play with others (sibling counts as an other, right?). They have grand ideas from YouTube but need my help to implement. 

I’m already tired. 

We are taking away electronics this summer. Not all the time, but mostly. I want them to be inventive and creative and find fun. Right now they are needy, YouTube watching zombies. It’s annoying but I created these monsters. It seems appropriate that I break them. 

I’ll be here telling you what a terrible idea it is each day they fight and argue and are bored. My hope is that June’s boredom will turn to a strong creative summer finish. 

Today’s start:

So far… it’s not fast enough and there’s not enough water. 

The solution was easy:

“Figure it out… its water and a slip-n-slide. I can’t help you with your first world problem.” 

Happy summer! 

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