April Letter to my Children

Happy April! Each month I get to write a letter to my kids and link up with some other moms. This month I get to link to my beautiful and talented friend Michelle. Click Here after you ready my letter to see what her crazy kids have been up to. 

The months are flying by! You are growing taller and your attitudes are getting bigger. I’m so excited about what’s in store in the next few years. 

Michael, I just realized we have 6 more summers together. That’s not very many. That’s not enough time. Just thinking about it gets my “feels” all jumbled. It also reminds me you have so much learning to do. I have just days to teach you how to be an adult. And not one of those kinds that I complain about! 

Your dad has decided that I need to make you do more around the house. While I agree with him, it makes me sad to think that very soon you will not need (or want) me to do things for you. Let’s stop talking about it…

You ran track this spring for the first time. You also pole vaulted. I could never attempt these events. You rocked it! You didn’t bring home any ribbons BUT you finished all your races and worked so hard. You even shaved time off both your races. Never feeling defeated!

I have loved watching you play sports with your school. I enjoy the competition and cheering for the boys on your team. I enjoy cheering for you and am so proud of your hard work. 

I wonder what the rest of the school year is going to look like??

Love you more and most!

Katelynn, this past month has been full of changes for you. You joined Girl Scouts and have been on a couple of field trips. You have your first camp out soon and are looking forward to tent camping. You have spent time with new people at school and have enjoyed making new friends. 

You stepped out of your comfort zone and tried out for the emcee part of the school talent show. You stepped out of your comfort zone to join Girl Scouts and try something we know nothing about. And you keep stepping out confidently even when you are walking by yourself. I admire your confidence and self-assurance. The path to finding self-assurance has been hard to watch. I never want you to be sad. But you are teaching me so much and knowing who you are and being content. 

Thank you for always showing me something new and beautiful about your personality. You really are going to be a pretty good grown up! 

I love you to the moon and back again!

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