Learning from Broken Eggs

A day’s work. Ruined.  Because I was distracted and had too many things rushing through my head.

You don’t have to be a chicken princess to appreciate this frustrating (and depressing) sight. I would compare it to the dreaded “pump and dump” when my kids were little. While it may not be my work that’s dumped on the ground, it still feels like one of those little things that adds to the failures of the day.

Do you have those days (weeks…months) when all your efforts seem futile? When all you want to do is make one successful dinner from pinterest but find yourself feeding them frozen dinners as you fan the smoke of yet another burned effort. Why do we do this to ourselves? More importantly, why do we feel such failure when the kids were fed and well loved when you put them to bed?

I’m working on four areas this dreaded year before I turn 40 (which is only 5 months away…). You can go here to see the 4 trouble spots.

Those broken eggs felt like they represented every area that gives me insecurity.

I’m so frazzled and unorganized and constantly going that I can’t stop and make sure the egg basket is securely placed on the ground. I did not give myself SPACE to slow down and be okay with extra time with the chickens. My to-do list was overwhelming my thoughts. This happens so often that Loretta (lo-red-uh…a red chicken) follows me in the coop each day awaiting the almost daily clumsy egg drop.

The broken eggs showed me that I do not have it all together and that my “farming” efforts are dumb. There was no self-love in those broken eggs. But then I remembered that my girls love broken eggs.

It’s crazy BUT my girls will chase each other to grasp the last bit of egg shell that falls to the ground. Since the boys moved away, the girls are much more friendly and almost let me pet them. Those broken eggs were such a treat and since I broke so many each girl was able to get some. My chickens loved the broken eggs.

The eggs that at first felt like defeat were a treat for the girls. So like my broken eggs and the joy my clumsiness gives my chickens,  may find comfort in broken pieces today.

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One Comment on “Learning from Broken Eggs

  1. A chickie trait we used to get our un-petables into I petting mode….. When they are hungry, which is almost always, shake a kitty feed box and put a few kibbles on the ground all around your feet so you are in the middle of their treat and can talk to them, as they get a delicious treat and hear your voice at the same time. Mine all loved cat kibbles.
    Then after a few days I began to bend over while talking to them. Next step was a hand extended toward the top of their back, stopping a couple of feet off the ground. Finally the hovering hand moved a bit closer over one back. I then quickly placed my hand palm down on the back.
    Most chickies will squat on the ground when they see the hand nearing them quickly. Then I scratch/petted her back rather slowly from neck to tail with thumb on one side and fingers on the other.
    She will be surprised and may fuss the first time, but they will eventually come back for more food and a back rub. Mine got to the point I could walk up to one, stop, bend over and “scratch/pet” her back while she talked and I did too. Funny.
    But also such a sweet connection as they learn to love receiving those back rubs as much as I enjoyed feeding and petting them. After back petting is mastered most will allow a neck rub and just swoon in delight as it must really feel good to have that skinny neck get a massage. LOL
    Tiffany, I hope you let yourself have time to smell the roses and pet the chickies. Thank you so much for taking time for your wonderfully true and heartfelt posts.
    PS My kids knew I was cooking something when the smoke alarm went off, and that I was cooking dinner when it went off twice. One of those kids is father to your children and you know how wonderful he turned out, so take hope in what God can do far and above any mistake we think we make. I love you much and bless you richly, always!

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