Letters to my Children: February 2017

Each month I have the honor to link up with incredible moms that also write letters to their children. Click here to read my good friend Michelle’s letter after you finish reading mine. Hope around the circle until you come back here. 

Michael and Katelynn,

So far 2017 has been filled with basketball, volleyball, friends and rubix cubes. You both are growing up too fast. It feels like this month has brought lots of changes to you physically and socially. 

The dreaded tween angst rears its ugly head more often than I would like but it’s a great reminder to me that I don’t want you to be ungrateful. I use your attitude as my cue to get some chores done. I mean, if you’re already mad at me, why not??!! 

M-basketball has been fun and action packed. I leave every game with a sore throat. And only once was it from yelling at the ref.  

You are excelling at choir and get a division 1 at contest last week…and this is the only picture I got of it! 

You have figured out the rubix cube algorithm and currently hold a record of 57 seconds. It’s not as fast as some of your friends at school but it’s faster than moving all the stickers to make it match like I did when I was your age. 

You are spending more time in your room. I think this is just a phase or maybe it’s a glimpse of things to come. It’s a teen thing. I remember closing my door and doing super cool teenager stuff in my room. 

I’ll be out here on the couch of you need me. I love you-mom

K- Volleyball has been fun. I look forward to our weekends in Dallas. It’s just over night but I enjoy the time with you. 

You have had a lot of friends around this month. It’s so encouraging for me to see you laughing and playing with friends. This time last year was such a low point for us. I’m proud that you have grown and figured out who you are in the past year. 

You signed up for your middle school classes this month. I wasn’t weepy since we just went through this transition with Michael. I’m excited what this year has in store for you. I’m excited that you have found a group of people to sit with at the lunch table. I’m excited that you have people over to spend the night. 

I’m proud of you. You have really matured this month. I know this semester will be the time you get ready to be a middle school kid. I’m ready and I think you are too. 

Love you to the moon-mom

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