Just one word…SPACE

New year…new me? Probably not. I don’t stick with stuff. I try and buy the best planner to help me stay on top of it all but will find myself beneath it all in a month or so. 

I decided to eat clean but the fruit and nut snack I ate in the car line had m&m’s in it. I threw 6 of them out the car window in the car line (after the guilt was too much).

But maybe I can stick with a word. 

I do not know the origins or this practice. Or if it started out of laziness/apathy toward actual goals and resolutions. But I do know that I want to try. 

So. Space. This is my word. 

This year, I’m giving myself space. In my schedule and day. Space to breathe deep and enjoy the life I have instead of hurrying through until bedtime. Space so I can sit and feel nothing…no weight of obligations crushing my desire to get anything done. 

I’m also giving myself some space for new things. For new hobbies or neglected old ones. For new friends or neglected old ones. There is a sacred space for just me and for others that I want to dive deeply into. 

My spaces also need to experience a deep declutter. My mind. My closet. My home. I want to make space for people in my home and in my head. 

I’m also applying my word to me and the space I take up on the earth. I have been “watching what I eat” since I was 16 years old. I have tried all the diets and fads and pills (gasp). I have lost and gained thousands of pounds since high school only to remain basically the same. Sometimes toner, somethings just tanner with the illusion of the tone. 

I’ll be 40 this year. And I’ll be taking up this space right here. Hopefully not any more but I’m going to find my space where that’s ok.

Well, what about you? A word or a resolution? 

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3 Comments on “Just one word…SPACE

  1. My word is Generosity. Praying it will be spirit sourced extravagant generosity like God’s Grace.
    I want to be kinder and more forgiving of my and others shortcomings.
    It won’t be of my own doing……. ????

  2. Thank you for these thoughts, Tiff! I am in much the same space only years ahead of you!! I, too, am looking for space and determining my space in this wide, wonderful world!! I love reading your blog and pray that you will continue it as you work on space for you and yours! Love you, sweet girl!!

  3. My word is hope. Hope for a better world for our kids and grandkids, hope for America to turn back to Jesus, hope for churches to take a stand against sin, hope for all of our worlds.

    Tiff, I think you taking space for yourself is key in care of yourself. Went to Dr today and she said just tell others you need time for yourself if for no other reason but to clear your head. Blessings to you for 2017.

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