Losing Jolie

Our dog Jolie died today. We are all very sad. We found a nice spot for her just beyond the yard under a huge pecan tree. The kids made a cross to mark her spot. 

We stood by the grave and cried as a family. And made jokes as a family. Because that’s what we do. 

Jolie has been my kid longer than Michael and Katelynn. We got her a week before we found out we were pregnant with Michael. 

We named her Jolie because we were listening to Crazy Eddie’s Last Hurrah in the truck after we picked Jolie from the litter.

She was a good dog to us. She protected the house from the “evil” UPS driver and “shady” pool guy. She never met a rake she liked. 

Her one experience with a machete ended in stitches. The one time she jumped out of the truck to chase a cow ended in hip surgery that plagued her with a tripod walk for months. 

She had surgery the day after Michael was born. She ran away one Christmas but returned a few days later. 

She was loyal and loved to chase a ball. 

We knew Jolie was getting old. We knew she was blind and deaf. We knew the end was coming. 

And even though I don’t like dogs, I sure liked this one. 

RIP Jolie Dog

(YouTube video of the song she was named after link below). 

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