Throw your feelings in the air…like you just don’t care

I woke up this morning unaware of last night’s outcome. I didn’t stay up late because I still have a full day today and being tired would be more harmful to my Wednesday than whatever the news reported late in the evening. 

So, of course, I checked Facebook to find out what I missed as I slept soundly in my bed. 

The first post I had in my news feed clearly identified the winner but not by name. I knew because of who wrote the words and the emotions and feelings shared. As I read what she wrote, I was so hurt for her. I knew that this emotional roller coaster we found ourselves on would inevitably end in a winner and loser and a lot of feelings. I hate that the post started with a necessary disclaimer because family and friends vote and view differently. 

We woke the kids. Made lunches and breakfast. Fixed hair and brushed teeth. Then, I mentioned who had won the presidency. 

We haven’t been really political. We’ve discussed because both of them are hearing and learning. Our home was and always will be a safe place to talk things out and learn. I learn from them as much as they learn from me and handsome. But I want it to be true for who ever comes to my home. 

I told M and K that today they would hear lots of emotions. Some people will be very sad and angry while others will be happy and probably boastful. I charged the kids to be kind and have good manners. Listen and be respectful.

We can not tell someone how they feel is wrong. We can not tell those who are fearful or sad today that their feelings are not valid and very real. We can not write them off because they believe something different than we do. 

I want to hear when my friends and family are hurt and be a safe place to stop and rest.  

I hope you can be a safe place for someone to stop and rest today. 

Big hugs and high fives to my family and friends today. 

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One Comment on “Throw your feelings in the air…like you just don’t care

  1. You have such wisdom. Thank you for your love and the courage to share. Looking forward to seeing you and K Saturday.

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