Letters to my children: Now it’s November

Each month I participate in a blog circle with some incredible moms. Click Here to ready Holli’s letter and see her fantastic pics. (Well, after you read my sarcastic words to my kids then click on that link. Her loving words will be a breath of fresh air). 

Michael and Katelynn,

October rushed by. It was way too full and I found myself so stressed several times this month. Stop participating in things and being accepted into organizations. It’s all very exhausting for me. 

Michael this month you were inducted into the National Junior Honor Soctiety, signed up for a trip to New York, played a lot of baseball and an equal amount of football, sand a solo in the choir concert and managed to keep your grades up. It’s incredible. 

You’ve also managed to become more like a middle school boy this month. Moody? Yes. Funny? Yes. Annoying? Yes. 

You’re still pretty cool even though you don’t think I’m cool as much anymore. I love you anyway. You are my favorite son. 

Katelynn what a difference a month makes. We had some testing done to make sure that your episodes were not medically related. They are but we know how to manage them now and have made great progress identifying triggers and finding solutions. You’re still moody but we know what and why it happens. Just having answers seems to have given you confidence. 

You rushed around with me all month. You’ve mastered snapchat and found your groove at school. You decided not to take dance this year so you haven’t had as many obligations so far but that’s all about to change. Because volleyball tryouts were the last weekend in October. And we get to be a part of the same team again. 

This morning you announced to me and dad that you thought Santa would really start working over time now that it’s November. I’m so glad your innocence is intact and that we get to play Santa for another year. Thank you for another year of wonder and surprise. 

Having middle kids has been an adjustment. I think it may be harder to parent you now than it was when you were toddlers. I also think I may have romaticised that time when your didn’t talk back or stomp off. I’m sure I’ll look back at these mini-dramas and smile when you two are 15 and 13. 

I love you guys. You make my life full and fun. 

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