18 Halloweens

Halloween of 1998, I left work and headed to the Jolly Fox to play pool. I was in a black pencil skirt, white dress shirt, tights and heels. I also had whiskers drawn on my chubby cheeks and cat ears on a headband. 

I went to have a low key night. Little did I know that the most beautiful man in the world would be there too. 

I knew who he was. I had seen him at the pool and around the apartment community. I knew he was tall, kind, and tatted out. I also knew his name but that’s about it. 

I thought I was good at pool and decided that I would beat him at pool. I was so nervous. The wager on the game was a kiss. And he beat me handily. Easily. 

As he walked over to collect his debt, I calmly (nervously) informed him that I didn’t believe in public displays of affection. 

That statement has haunted me for 18 years. 

Being the gentleman he was, he didn’t make me pay up. We played more and I had my first impromptu date with my handsome. 

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. But I’ll celebrate this day for the rest of my life because Halloween 1998, everything in my world changed. 

Happy “first date with handsome”! 

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