Do you have too much going on? Do you feel the flash of the day and wonder how life could possibly speed up every day!?

I’ve been thinking s lot of stopping and pausing. Because I don’t stop and pause in my day, I’m finding its just what I need. But putting that into practice has been challenging. 

I was able to appreciate this “need to pause” since I went to the prayer retreat on Friday. Today I practiced a pause. I realized a couple of weeks ago that my non-church-goers and athiest friends spent Sunday’s in more of a sabbath frame of mind that I do. They post pictures and words on Sunday’s that show them spending time with family and hanging at parks. They enjoy their family and the beautiful world. 

I go go go and forget to stop and rest. 

So I took time to rest today. (I actually weeded the garden and flowerbeds which slows me down and feels like a pause to me.) 

 We had brunch and lots of snacks. The kids played outside and inside. They yelled and threw balls. They got along and argued. 

(We found the missing kittens and set up the perfect bed for them.)

How did you spend the day? How do you rest? How do you stop and pause and enjoy your family? 

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