A Good Place 

We moved here last summer. After being here a couple of months, we finally decided on the church we get involved in. 

This was not an easy decision for me. I church “dated” for months. I tried several different ones and loved a few in a neighboring town but was determined to find one in my community. “In my community”. That’s what kept me coming back to the church we have planted ourselves in. 

It’s the same reason I chose not to transfer my kids to another school district in our area. To a “better” school… 

If God wanted my kids to go to school in another district, He would have moved me to another district. 

If God wanted us to find a new church family in a different town, that’s the town we would have moved to. 

So we stayed local and ended up joining the church we were married in. (Isn’t that sweet?)

This church is not like my home church that I loved so fiercely. It was not the same size. Did not have the same opportunities. Did not have the same music or teaching or youth ages. 

Not the same but right where we needed to be. This decision was solidified one Sunday when the pastor said, “If you’re looking for a church home, why not here? This is a good place.”

He was right. We are involved and loved. Missed and depended on. We have friends and care about our church family. 

It is a good place. 

Find your place or your tribe. Find community. And settle in for the ups and downs. Settle in for relationship and new friends.

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