Hot Guy Prayers

Last week, I was able to share part of my day with a new friend. It was so fun. I very rarely take time to stop and spend time with someone without and agenda or a to do list.

Our long, unstructured lunch gave us the opportunity to talk about struggles and triumphs. Right now she is battling through a very hard season. Nothing particularly terrible has happened, but she feels like so much of her days is uphill. This is particularly hard when the babes are little. 

I remember when my life felt like it was falling apart in 2009. My analogy for that year was… I felt like a broken toilet. The kind that only swirls the crap around when you hold down the handle. Life kept sitting on me and crapping but there was no relief….just the constant sh%#-swirl around me. 

My dad had his stroke. My family had upheaval in our business. I had a wreck, got a new job, and clung tightly to my marriage. I paid a lot of money for therapy because I could not handle life at the time. 

So much of that year was spent in tears and heartache. So much of that year was anger and attitude. So much of that year felt like failure. 

Looking back, I think we survived because of stubbornness. We would not fail. We would not quit. He was not going to be a better spouse than me!

Through this season, I began praying for the hot guy at my house. And it was a simple prayer…

“God, please show me how to love him well today.” 

Everyday I would ask God how to love him. That’s it. And the love he needed from me was never the same. Some days it was a listening ear. Some days it was extra respect during a hard conversation. (Some days I totally lost it and did not love him at all.)

Many times I asked God to show me how to love him because I didn’t have it in me.


We’ve been together for 18 years. I’m so thankful for him. I love him more now than I did when I thought he was just a hot tattooed guy at the pool. 

Try it. You will be amazed at how your perspective will change. 

(It also helps to remember that at one time in your life, you thought he was really handsome/thoughtful/clever.)

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