Halloween Stress

Halloween will be here before I’m ready. 

It is not my favorite holiday. I don’t have a very good reason. It’s not a religious thing. It’s a lazy thing. The thought of trying to come up with a costume wears me out. 

Ninja princess??

And since it’s not a thing I really care about, I know that our costume won’t be the best. Someone will walk up with the funniest, cleverest costume. And I’ll feel dumb that we spent $30 on a witch costume. 

To avoid this stress, I do not participate in my children’s costume decisions. They pick out whatever they want to be. I’ll drive them to the store and make suggestions they will ignore. 

Usually the day before Halloween, I realize we could do better and try to come up with the best costume ever. And I stress a little. 

Then we walk out the door for the candy in mask and a dance costume….again. 

How do you prep for Halloween? What side of the fence do you fall on….all out or not at all? 

This picture is actually from Christmas Eve a few years ago…

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