Letter to My Children: Attitudes Abound

Each month I participate with other mom bloggers. It’s a great way to show off our kids and keep up with their monthly shenanigans. Click HEREfor Holli’s letter to her littles (but wait until you read my “love” letter, then come back and click).

Dear Michael and Katelynn,

The first month of school has flown by. We have so few minutes in our days and I’m beginning to feel the strain of all these balls in the air. I know you feel it too. I’m sorry for the crazy busy life we are barely maintaining right now. Can I take this opportunity to blame you a little for it? I will admit that many of our over-scheduling is due to my inability to say no. 

But you, Michael, have some skin in this rat race. Baseball and baseball and football and school have worn us slap out. In the middle of this complaint, I do want to make sure to tell you how proud I am of you. 

Baseball and baseball and football and school have not knocked you down. Your maintaining a great attitude and average. You have tested and listened and vegged in front of the tv just like any normal almost teenager. 

Just like when you were a toddler and beginning to experience life and new freedoms, this season of almost teen-ing has afforded you the opportunity to express yourself differently. You are learning how to roll your eyes and have mastered the “really mom” response in a way that would make your future children proud. 

I dare say you are a high-functioning middle school kid. Good job handsome. Keep up the good work. Drop a little of the attitude. Deal?

Now you, Katelynn, are not responsible for our scheduling circus but you’ve created a unique way of wearing me down slowly and methodically. 

Thanks to your new expressions of angst and anger and anxiety, I’ve been able to add self-help books to my schedule. I’ve spent time trying to be patient and parent you better. I’ve listened to books on tape as I go about my day because I’m determined to love you well and help you navigate the stormy seas of the end of your childhood. 

I’m sorry this season has been so rough for you. I’m sorry I am so inadequate to fix whatever this is we are muddling through. I’m also sorry that this is a repeat of last month’s letter. (I’m so sorry someone showed you snap chat…)

I’m not sorry that we are still going toe to toe on important issues such as pony tail height and putting food in your face. I’m not sorry because these conflicts mean you are growing and learning. These fight responses are molding you into the gorgeous girl you are. And one day you’ll take up this fight for a worthy cause and change the world. 

Despite these moments of chaos, we have great times of laughter and heart to heart talks. You are funny and quick witted. You know what you like and think and believe. And I’ll go toe to toe with you everyday if builds your confidence and solidifies who you are!

Whether I like it or not, you are both growing up. I’m thankful to be your mom along for the ride. But sometimes being nice to me for two days in a row would be cool. Just a suggestion!

Love you the most. -mom 

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