Neglected Gardens

Baseball was cancelled today. Which means we have a night during the week that we are home before 8:00. Which also means, the neglect the farm has experienced since school started can be remedied. Which is why the picture above is 100 jalapeños picked today. 

What you can see are the 20 banana peppers, 3 bell peppers, 8 okra and 25 eggs that I also collected. 

I’m pretty certain the garden is happier when I’m not fussing over it. Of course so are the ants and weeds. 

We’ve also had two additions that have flourished from my neglect. These two babies are Loretta’s. She is the last one to sit on Little Jerry Seinfeld’s eggs before his relocation. So I let her sit. 

She had three other eggs in her best but got sidetracked with these two and neglected the others. I was so worried about these littles. She wouldn’t let me close to them. And she wouldn’t get in the coop with them. 

Loretta and the kids hung out with the teenagers under the coop for about a week. Starting this weekend, Loretta and the kids have been inside the coop at night. It’s been fun trying to figure out how she gets them in. 

Loretta has been great protecting these two. She teaches them to scratch and has the other Ladies scared to get too close. She even gets after Big Mike if he looks in her direction

Here are the teenagers. These are the three chicks we “saved” and decided to raise. They are skittish. They don’t play well with the other chickens. And they are in their awkward teenage ugly stage. (They look rough and don’t play well with others.)

We have settled into a rhythm. It’s a pretty constant and chaotic rhythm but it’s our own special beat. 

How’s your rhythm? What is happening to the things in your life that are falling through the cracks? 

I pray you aren’t drowning from all your yes-es or rushing so fast your day has turned to a blur. 

Slow down. Take a deep breath. And tell me what I’m to do with 100 jalapeños!

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One Comment on “Neglected Gardens

  1. Make jalapeño peanut brittle and use for Christmas gifts. Erica have us some and it’s very interesting……. ??

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