Want It Wednesday: Planner Edition

Planners, calendars, and all things office supply related make me so happy. Between now and the end of the year, I will be on the hunt for the perfect planner….and I will buy too many and try them out for a few days until my facebook feed shows me something better.

Here is a list of some of the planners I’ve purchased and some that I have been staring out for a couple of weeks. The name of each planner is a link you can use to hop over to the website and shop. (You’re welcome).

Living Well Planner is from the website/book Living Well Spending Less. This planner is on sale for $49 right now. It’s normally $55. It is a large planner which is the size I prefer. I comes with budget and meal planning pages and is colorful.

I loved the pages in this planner but I did not love the rings and how it was put together. I also did not like that it wasn’t dated but I bought some cute stickers on Amazon to fix that problem. I ended up taking the pages off the rings, wrapping the holes in washi tape, and putting them in a DayTimer binder cover (that I paid too much for). I still haven’t decided if I’ll use this one again this year or not. There is a facebook group for the planner and a lot of ideas are shared so it is a planner “community” which should really thrill you if you have the same addiction I do.
Living Well Planner

**Update: While looking for a picture to post, I looked at the new planner you can pre-order and got excited about the lay-out and new pages… I would still take them out of the rings and put it in my day timer binder.

The Rituals for Living Dreambook from Dragontree Apothecary is really cool. (I have this one too.) This one costs $45.I bought it to help me set and meet some goals. It also has a facebook group. I like the book and the questions it asks. Some of the wording in the book (and especially in the Facebook group) makes my Baptist southern girl feelers nervous, but I think finding an environment that outside of my normal groups is healthy. I’m staying in and reading about people “finding their own truths”…whatever that means.

Rituals For Living Dreambook + Planner (Undated Version)

This is great if you have some planning and goals that you need to hash out somewhere. It is visually appealing and I will probably use it more for some goal tracking so that it is in one place and I feel a little more accountable. It also is not dated.

Start Planner‘s Fancy Pants planner is more my style. I don’t actually have this one but I keep looking at the website. The Fancy Pants planner is $74 right now and starts mid-year. (So it’s dated). It has insert packs for teachers and photographers which may be useful for you. The pages look pretty cool but I think you will end up spending way more that the $74 once you get all the accessories you “need” to make it cool like the one in the picture.

2016-2017 Midyear Fall Fancy Collection

The Daily Greatness Journal and Business Planner is another one I keep looking at. This one is even showing up in my Instagram feed! It is from Great Britain so the price is in pounds…and I don’t feel like figuring out how much that is in ‘Merican dollars…. This is an undated bound journal style planner. If you have a business and need to keep organized, this system may be something worth looking into.

Dailygreatness Business Planner: An Actionable Plan For Exploding Your Business

Sacred Ordinary Days planner is my most recent purchase. I’m kinda excited about this one. (I should get it by Friday). You can purchase a test drive month for $2. I think this was a great option. I tried it for a few days and liked the format. This planner follows the liturgical calendar. It has scripture references from the Revised Common Lectionary. The size is a little smaller than I usually like for a planner BUT I’m going to use this planner as a journal for my morning devotions. There is even a Sunday page so that this planner can go to church with me when I doodle take notes during big church.

There also options of unbound or bound, Pre-liturgical year (August to November) and Academic Year which is shipping now. The bound edition is $55. That’s a lot for a journal but seems absolutely reasonable when you hear that “it’s for Jesus”…right?

I already have my 2017 planner purchased for $7.99 from TJ Maxx.  I keep it on my desk at work to help me remember that I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER PLANNER. I can not find this one on the internet but I did find the website….which has pretty cool journals.

(This is kinda what my planner looks like…)


I could probably show you more that I’ve looked at or added to a cart or even used in the past. I told you I have a problem, now do you believe me? It’s not as bad as my hunt for the perfect pen, but it’s a close second.

What type of planner do you use? OR system? I didn’t even mention Erin Condren. Do you have any suggestions of other ones I need to look at?

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