Bubbles and Bad Attitudes

We registered for school. Summer is over.beach-731137_1920Our summer bubble is gone. I love the summer bubble. It’s my summer hashtag. (#summerbubble)  It’s that glorious time when we are the boss of ourselves and our time. No made up rules that we disagree with. It only includes my people and my tribe. Sometimes there’s others but it is on my terms and my choice. Total boss!

But the beloved summer bubble burst today. I was reminded of rules and checklists and all the things that have me pining for our summer by the end of March during the school year.

I despise the burst. It’s never a good thing. It happens every year and I’m taken aback like it’s never happened before. I don’t act very maturely to lists and arbitrary pieces of paper or demands on my time and handwriting abilities.

You may be shocked to know that I can not play nice when your rules make me feel inadequate or stupid. I am fierce when my children are involved. If you or your child have hurt my kid in the past, I am not mature enough to put on a nice face for you at any time…especially in the wake of a busted summer bubble. With that being said, please see my first day of school love note.

Dear teachers, administrators, staff members and parents:                              I don’t have it in my this year to put on my new school nice face. I’m going to try really hard. But if you were privy to my initial (failed) registration attempt yesterday, you’ve seen the best I can possibly put forth as I mourn the loss of summer freedom. It’s not you, it’s me. Well, it’s kinda you because you’re doing your job, but I’m going to try real hard not to hold that against you. I promise there will be a mom that has that smile for you. She will probably even sign up as room mom. Cling to her. Cling tightly. Let her real smile and true excitement for the beginning of the school year be your beacon.  Lots of Love – Me.

Is it just me? How do you survive this transition without showing your a$$ at school registration? Hypothetically speaking….

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