Letters to My Children: Summer is Ending

Each month my friends post letters to their children. They are funny and loving…I’m not sure how I got in with this group of talented photographers. But they haven’t kicked me out yet and we have another group of letters. Click the link at the end of my post to see how talented Michelle is with words and pictures. 

Dearest Michael and Katelynn,

Usually it’s time for the letter and I don’t feel like saying nice things to you. This past year has been a struggle! But we are having more good days lately. And I think it’s because you guys are growing up! 

Summer is rapidly coming to an end. 

We have 21 more days until school starts back up. That’s three more weeks of our current routine. 

We have had such a good summer. It’s been busy but full of fun. We’ve started chores…for real! I’m very proud of how hard you’ve worked. It has helped me so much to have your help. Now that we have battled and resolved that they aren’t going away, your attitude is a little better. Thank you for learning to take the trash out and clean bathrooms and clean floors and all the other things you have learned to do. 

Thank you for calling me everyday. All day. Repeatedly. As annoying as the constant calls at inopportune times has been, I will still miss them. I’ll miss having updates of your morning. But I won’t miss the calls that start with “Tell Michael to stop …..”. 

Katelynn, today you called to see if you could bake cupcakes. When I got home, they were baked, cooled, and iced. When did you get so big?

Michael, you worked out at school this summer. You played so much baseball in the heat. And you have become a typical 7th grade boy. Teasing, joking, tricking! The prank calls are about to wear me out but I enjoy this stage you’ve entered. 

Thank you for coming to camp and for having such a great attitude even though it was super duper hot. Thanks for going so I could go! 

Next letter we will be a week into school. Last year of elementary school and second year of middle school. How did you get so old?!? 

Love you to the moon and back!


Click here to jump over to Michelle’s blog. She is one of my favorite people and photographers. Click and enjoy! 

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One Comment on “Letters to My Children: Summer is Ending

  1. I’m on a 4 day get-away with my two college kids and I am treasuring each moment to gaze at them and engage them. I miss them bunches but I am so proud of who they are. Love yours deeply hold them enough but with room that they can move forward and away
    Thks for sharing your journey in this way

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