Floor Ham and Easter Eggs

Lent is over. I didn’t stick with it. I didn’t finish my photo of the day with Rethink Church. I didn’t get all of the 40 days with Jesus written down. I skipped pages in my Lent book at the end.  

I forgot that sister still believes in the Easter bunny and had to rush to CVS last night to load up on all things Easter and keep the charade going for another holiday. 

I did not buy new clothes for the family. We did not match at church this morning. I did not get a picture of us together at church. 

We were late to a packed church. 

I dropped the platter of pineapple slices and ham on the floor as I was transferring it to the table. 

I started sobbing as I hovered over the mess. This type of meal is so stressful for me and another “failure” for the day was more than I could handle. 

I faked a nap after lunch because I didn’t want to get up and pretend I was excited about hiding eggs outside…

In spite of all that….

We celebrated his resurrection at church. We observed the Lord’s Supper. All of my people have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior. Our family of four observed and discussed how today changes everything.

My kids are dying Easter eggs and have decided to have an Easter egg hunt this afternoon to celebrate a special day with our family. Because floor ham doesn’t determine if this is going to be a good day.

But more than that….

Jesus’ empty tomb means that SHAME has no ground on which to stand. 
He is risen. And it changes everything. 

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