Covenant: an agreement. 

 Handsome and I entered into a covenant on June 2, 2001. About 15 years ago I was beginning to stress about all the details for that day. We had only been engaged for 2 weeks but I knew we had to get the balls rolling in the right direction.

Our story isn’t miraculous. Our story has ups and downs. At one point there were so many tears I wasn’t sure we would make it. We had a kid…and then survived a second pregnancy and two children under 3.

I believe he is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I believe he loves so deeply that it hurts him. I believe he could change the world if he wanted to. I believe he puts our family at the front of his mind every second of the day.

Years ago, I learned to love him even when I didn’t like him much. I’ve told countless young girls that it was important that your husband was hot…because when he makes you mad, and he will, it helps that you think he is beautiful when you look at him.

We were hurting deeply after my dad’s stroke. Part of me died the weeks after my dad’s stroke and it threatened to destroy my marriage.

To survive, I began praying EVERYDAY for God to “show me how to love him…today”.

I would tell God “he was dumb” and “needed a good kick in the shins” BUT “God please show me how he needs me to love him today”.

Or, “please show me how I can honor him today…even if I don’t want to”.

I don’t have to pray this as much anymore. I’m thankful that my love for Handsome grew exponentially at a time when so many marriages crumble.

A promise to love is hard. It takes work. It takes years. It takes an uncomfortable vulnerability. And it takes prayer. Loving the ugly isn’t easy. But it’s so worth trying.

It also helps that he is a beautiful man!


Joyfully full of it!


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