December Letter to my Children

This is my December letter to M and K. See the link below to follow the Letters to Our Children blog circle this month. 


Dear Michael,

I am so proud of you. You continue to grow and embrace our new community. You have developed a beautiful heart for the people at your school. It is so encouraging. Your heart is broken for your classmates. It is inspiring. You want to start a bible study for your school so that you can share hope and love. It is amazing. 

Thank you for loving the people around you and for wanting to show them hope. Also, thank you for keeping your Santa knowledge to yourself. 

Love Always, -Mom

Dear Katelynn,
You have really grown this month. At school and at home. Thank you for embracing our slow-paced life. Thank you for being honest with me about your hurts and victories. Thank you for always talking and singing and being dancing joy for our family. 

I hope Santa brings you everything you want for Christmas. Please keep believing in the magic of it all for a little longer. 

Love you to the moon! -Mom


Each month I have the privilege to join a blog circle of moms writing letters to their children. It’s a joy to see the talented photography and read their adventures. Click here to read Terri’s letter this month. Follow the links until you get back here. Enjoy! 

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