Thankful today, Maybe not tomorrow 

Somehow the days keep rushing past. Most of the time I feel like I’m managing emotions of the people that live with me. And bowing to their urgings and requests. 

It’s exhausting. And it numbs me to real stuff. I get so caught up in surviving. I forget to stop. And be thankful. 

I’m in a season of new, of growth, of not having it all together. It’s a struggle…But not a real one. Not a life or death struggle. More of a spoiled rotten impatient struggle. (It’s just delightful.)

I want to be super thankful. And grateful. I want to teach my children to not be butt-heads (hypothetically….obviously). I want to not ignore the complaint because my ears shut about 4 complaints ago (not that I do this…I’m attentive to the thousands of words that leave their mouths). I don’t want to live with Debbie Downer or her brother, Pissy Peter.

Today I will be thankful. Well, right now I will be thankful and will reflect on all the reasons. Take time today. Stop for 5 minutes. ( or maybe just 2). Let the silence be comforting and reset you. 

No promises for tomorrow, but check thankful off your list for today! Maybe try it again in a few days….but don’t over do it!  


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One Comment on “Thankful today, Maybe not tomorrow 

  1. I am so thankful for you! You have always reminded me of the goodness of our GOD! Much love!

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