The family the rocks together….

I decided to step away from the #write31days blog challenge. It’s for people that are experts on things. It’s for writers that write to share words and to make a living. It’s for people who have thousands of followers and book deals. 

It’s not for me. 

I write blog posts when I feel like I have something to share with you. I write when I have a funny story you need to hear or I have ridiculousness you have to know about. 

I also write when I have aomething great to tell you about that was surprisingly not a disaster!  

 We had a family weekend in Shreveport. We left brother’s baseball game Saturday and drove 2 hours to Shreveport to catch the last night of the Red River Revel festival and Robert Earl Keen on concert. 

We drove over and followed google map directions. We realized once we were there that I booked a room at the wrong hotel. Instead of being at the hotel next door to the festival, we were 10 miles away.  

 Instead of letting it ruin our whole day, we cleaned ourselves up and drove ourselves over to the festival. We found food and drinks and art and clean bathrooms and great music. We found some much needed family time.  

 It was sister’s first concert. One of many! My sister-girl likes to rock! 

It could have been ruined. It could have been tense. It could have been the exact opposite of what it was.

But I got my peep time. I got my handsome time. And I got to enjoy and share my love of music with the boy and the girl.  

 That’s what I want to tell you about today. As a family we pushed forward and it worked out. Together we rocked!  

 (And then we ate too much at IHOP and came back to Texas….the end).


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