Today’s Matters

I miss teaching. I miss talking. I miss discussions with the Holla Mommas on all things that make up our today. I miss hugging my soul sister and sharing how very real God is today. 

An unexpected byproduct of our move has been the missed things above. Most of my misses involved words and community and comraderie. 

I can talk to my Handsome (but it’s not the same…he doesn’t care about my nails or if I’m growing my hair out or now).  

 I can talk to Little Man. Sometimes. If he’s not in a mood or playing baseball.   

  I can talk to Sister Girl. If I can get a word in or if she’s not too busy not doing what I ask her to do.  

 I started Love Like Breathing because I needed to talk. I need to tell. I need to say the things. But the last two days have been hard. And I feel confident I hit an all time low with the snake heart video. (I’m going to apologize for that right now).

I was reminded today to blog about what I know. Or what I don’t know. What matters today!  

 Today I know that we are settling in this little town. Finding our places. Creating new spaces. Remembering names and making family connections. 

This matters. 

The names I learned today are important. They matter.

The places I go are important because they bring me to new faces. They matter.

The faces are important because they are part of my community. My community matters. 
 I know God moved our family here for a great reason. I know the places and spaces and faces are a big part of that great reason. 

And today…that’s what matters. 

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2 Comments on “Today’s Matters

  1. you’re allowed to talk my ear off. i know i have yours. thanks for listening….being a sounding board….for having no filter and no fear in sharing with me and telling me what you think….and for the authenticity in your caring about what i deserve. you’re a treasure. <3

    • Thank you beautiful! Glad you heard my words too…you deserve to be treasured and loved.

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